How does the ‘RING PHONE’ feature work?




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    Y O

    I can't get this function to work. When I try to add this to my watch, I get the message "Configure the settings for the Shortcut to work properly." But how do I do this? After I tap "OK" I see where it says "Select Ringtone" under Settings, but nothing happens when I tap on it.

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    This is an awesome idea, Wouter! We're passing this feedback along to our developers for future consideration. Thank you for sharing!

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that your new Q Commuter doesn't meet your expectations, but you have some great feedback, and I'll be sure to pass this up to our developers for consideration in future updates. I've also opened a support ticket on your behalf so that we can further assist you. Looking forward to get this taken care of for you!

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    Yes, that would be amazing if I could use the ring phone to quickly play a sound effect or music easily instead of having to prepare it.

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    We sincerely apologize for the confusion you are experiencing when trying to set a ringtone! After you have picked your ringtone, please tap on the "back arrow" located at the top of the app. This will bring you back to the previous page where you can then tap on "SET TO WATCH". If this does not fix the issue, I have opened a support ticket on your behalves so that our team can further assist you.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Daniel Charette

    I just purchased a Q Commuter yesterday and I'm fairly disapointed. I've read you could « customize » the buttons but I can't, except for the 12 presets wich are pretty useless for me, except for the camera shutter. Why can't we answer a call with the button and turning the speaker phone on? That way you could start a conversation if you phone is on your desk... Or an automated « I'll call you later » sms sending like the phone already did? Making my phone ring with my watch is about at 100th position on a list of purposeful things I expect my watch will do with my phone.

    The other thing I was excited about from this watch was the activity and sleeping tracking... but I realized after 5 minutes in the app that there's no bpm reading! My phone in my pocket already count my steps, I didn't need this feature another time and I tought a watch that monitor your sleep got to have a bpm reader... So i guess it's just a sleep tracking based on the movement of the body, wich is pretty innacurate.

    Since they told me at the store I can't return the watch once it's linked with a phone, I feel trapped... I love the design, like all my past Fossil watches, but I hope I'll find a way to make it useful or it will be my last Fossil :/

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    Is it possible to add more sounds? I REALLY would love to add the cricket sound if someone makes a bad joke!

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