How does the ‘TAKE PHOTO’ feature work?




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    This doesn't work. I try to take a picture but the camera zooms in.

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    Tom Walton

    Similar issue, when I try to take a photo, it turns my volume up.  I'm sure its set to "take a photo", but it still not working.  Not sure if I have something wrong or not.


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    Suresh Salvation

    I tried too...I assigned Take A Photo to one of the buttons, and opened my camera app and it doesn't work.

    Using android phone : Huawei P9

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your comments! I apologize for the issue you have experienced with the "Take a Photo" feature not working as expected. On certain phones, you will need to check the camera settings > "Volume Key Function" and make sure that "Take Pictures" is assigned. If this is not assigned, the button may trigger different behaviors such adjusting the volume instead of taking a picture.

    I will open a support ticket for each of you in case you would like individual assistance with this. Happy Holidays!

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