How do I set the time on my hybrid smartwatch?




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    Hello Fossil, same issue here with Hybrid Q (Grant). Please create a firmware update for this and can you also create a ticket for me? 

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    Eric Chambers

    Hybrid Q (Activist) smart watch is paired with my phone but the time is approxiametly 15 minutes slow. Calibrating doesn't work. Cant make any modifications under my profile in app as well

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    Swapneel Pimparkar

    Dear Fossil,

    I do have Fossil Q Grant (purchased about a month ago).

    The minute hand is very slowly moving or stuck. There are no specific steps to re-produce. It is just showing wrong time and minute hand movement is erratic.

    All other options are tried out (such as deleting the device from app and including it again, re-calibrate, assign different profile, connect/disconnect with app etc.). Nothing is working.

    During re-calibration, the minute hand does not move while other two hands align to 12 (straight upward). And hence calibration fails. The firmware that device is using is - HW0.0.2r.v2.

    Can you please help at earliest on fixing the issue?

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    Kelli Hughes

    I am also experiencing this issue with my Fossil Q running about 15 minutes behind. I'm able to move the minute hand during recalibration (though the watch only responds to maybe one out of twenty taps to the arrows on the app). It always goes back to 15 minutes late though. I bought a new battery and tried deleting watch and pairing multiple times.

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    Hi Kelli,

    I've opened a support ticket so we can further investigate the issue you're experiencing. One of our representatives will reach out to you shortly.

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