My steps / activity tracking data does not seem accurate in the app, why?




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    I wore my watch on a hike today and the data was very inaccurate compared to my phone and my girlfriend's phone. It tracked 3km less and I'm fairly certain my heartrate wasn't accurate at some points. Definitely disappointing to see such a huge discrepancy with distance/steps, though. I guess Garmin's are better when it comes to health and fitness tracking, but I didn't think it'd be this bad.

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    Khushali Shah

    Even my watch is a month old and now it is not performing any workout tracking.. Steps are always zero.. I just bought it a month ago... It's not even counting steps and it's now like a stupid watch... Please help me with this

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    Ali Ha

    Mine is over counting.... Sitting on the clutch 200 steps.... Going up set of stairs 1000 steps,... This watch truly is a piece of art in my opinion ... And how smart watches of future should be.... I hope these issues can be fixed so you can truly enjoy the capabilities of a smart watch. I wish it was more expensive but it would have functioned better....

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