What if I don't receive notifications on my device?




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    Stavros Athanasopoulos

    I am not getting any notifications even if I follow these advices. My watch had low power during the weekend and it stopped getting any notifications. I charged it but nothing. Then I did a reset and re-connected to the phone, I restarted the phone and checked that the Do not disturb function is Off, but still I am not getting any notifications. I tried the phone on sound and vibrate mode but it still doesn't work. Could you please advise?

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    Doug Epp

    I wasn't getting notifications to my watch for about the past week or so. It turned out that notifications had been turned off for all apps (maybe an update did this?)

    Solved it in the app by going to Alerts > Apps and re-enabling the apps I wanted to get notifications from. 

    Hopefully this is helpful for someone else! 

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