Fossil Smartwatch Standard Limited Warranty



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    Nemanja Ilic

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have bought a Fossil Q series hybrid smart watch in Your store in Italy, Rome, Via del Corso last March. The watch model is Fossil Q Commuter Gen 2:
    Now I've been having trouble with the watch because it just wouldn't connect to any of the smartphones. I've tried it with Android as well as an iPhone, but nothing is working and I just can't connect it.
    I've went to the local Fossil retailer, but nobody in Serbia (where I live) sells or repaires these hybrid smart watches and they just would not accept my international waranty.
    Now, I'm visiting Italy, Rome next week and I'll stay there from 13.-17. of February. Is there any way that I can swap the watch for a working one in your shop in that time of my stay? 
    I have the receipt, as well as the full packaging of the watch with all the manuals, tool, waranty card and the watch belt links that have been taken out to fit my wrist as well as the watch itself of course.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Nemanja Ilić

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